Curio Shop

TWIGA LLP offers a selection of hand-woven baskets made from natural fibers.


Baskets: Our Organics line provides baskets, table place mats, and other accessories made from bark of banana; the banana bark occurs naturally in many color shades


Most of our baskets are made from Sisal and dyed in brilliant tropical colors. The baskets come in different sizes and shapes. Once the basket weaving is completed, each basket is then designed into a Purse/Handbag meticulously trimmed in leather or suede and lined with an inside pockets. Other baskets are designed as traditional African market bags; these work great as tote or shopping bags.


Shoes: Beautifully hand crafted leather/beaded summer sandals.


Jewelry: Beaded Masaai bracelets and Bridal Necklace, Ceramic beads necklaces


Fabric: Kikoy sarongs, Shirts and Blouses


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