Tours & Safaris

We offer personalized itineraries that can be tailored and customized based on your requirements. We also offer accompanied tours, guided by our very own seasoned travel consultant. We believe in supporting the local enterprises; hotels, restaurants so as to promote sustainable and meaningful growth for the local host country.

We have partnered with a local tour company Tandala Tour and Safaris to ensure that your experience is enriched and infused with the local cultural experiences; these coupled with the outstanding game and Safari drives will make this an trip of a life time.

We work with local contacts, travel specialists who are well versed in knowledge of local language and culture to provide a seamless experience for the savvy or inexperienced traveler.

Services offered:

• Guided tours to authentic tribal villages.

• Customize itineraries, to meet client's needs and budget.

• Demystify client's pre-conceptions of travel to Africa, by explaining and provide pre-trip information in the form of presentations.

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